2020-21 Crown Royale Basketball Preview

If you like a product that offers cards that don’t fit the traditional 3 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ mold, it’s one of the brands you probably enjoy sampling each year.  2020-21 Panini Crown Royale Basketball will return this spring with die-cut cards once again joining some of the usual designs.  

2020-21 Crown Royale Configuration and Base Set

Boxes of Crown Royale will have just one pack of eight cards.  This isn’t a product built around autographs, but each box will have one, along with one memorabilia card, two inserts or parallels and four base cards, the latter done in a die-cut format. There are no details on the base set as of yet.


Steph Curry, Anthony Davis, Trae Young, Alan Iverson and Dirk Nowitzki are some of the current and retired players who will join 2020-21 rookies with autographed cards in the set.


The Silhouette patch autographs will lead off the autograph checklist, with a piece of memorabilia placed underneath a die-cut window and paired with an autograph. The Super Prime version offers a more impressive piece of memorabilia.  Rookie and veteran versions will be part of the checklist.

Regal Achievement and Royal Signatures put autographs on die-cut cards, again with a mix of current and former players. 


Look for two new insert sets this year in Crown Royale – Test of Time with its clock-like design and Sno Globe, another roundish creation that would seem to be more at home during a December release.  However, Kaboom! is the insert that everyone looks to land in Crown Royale.  Back for another year, the popular super short-printed insert will have a 25-player checklist of rookies, veterans and former greats on an artsy design as per usual.

2020-21 Crown Royale Basketball is currently set for a May 5 release. A preview gallery is below. You can see cards from past issues on eBay here.


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