2020-21 Immaculate Basketball Preview

One of the basketball card release calendar’s higher end issues arrives later this week.  Delayed until the start of a new season, 2020-21 Panini Immaculate Basketball brings the usual array of autograph and memorabilia cards on thick stock with an acetate finish.

Configuration and Base Set

Immaculate offers a single six-card pack with three autos, two memorabilia cards and one base or base parallel.  Autographs are signed on card.  Cases hold five boxes.

The base set includes 100 cards, all numbered to 99. Parallels include Red #/49, Blue #/25, Gold #/10, Green #/5 and Platinum 1/1.


As usual, the big attraction are the Rookie Patch Autographs, all numbered to 99 except for parallel versions that include Jersey Number #/50 or less, Red #/49, Gold #/10, Tag #/5 and Logoman 1/1.

Rookie autographs can also be found in Initiation Ink, with 38 of last year’s rookies featured.  Gold (# to 10) and 1/1 Platinum versions exist along with Logoman and Rookie Championship Tags. Dual versions of the Rookie Logoman cards are limited to 20 cards and will be 1/1.

Veteran autographs will be found multiple subsets including Heralded Signatures, which offers a 40 card checklist and includes Red (#/25), Gold (#/10) and 1/1 Platinum parallels.

Panini says it will offer ” several new and unique pairings in the Dual, Triple and Quad Autograph sets.”

Dual Logoman autographs will have a seven-player checklist made up of current and former players.

Veteran stars can also be found on Immaculate Ink, Patch Autographs and Premium Patch Autographs.  


Memorabilia cards

Panini will utilize sneaker laces and soles of shoes for some of its memorabilia card content. Other memorabilia cards include Brand Logos, Patches and Jumbo Patches, Massive Memorabilia, Remarkable Jerseys, Team Slogans and the 1/1 Logoman cards.

More details can be found on the checklist below.

2020-21 Panini Immaculate Basketball Checklist

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