2020-21 Panini Flux Basketball Marks Brand’s Standalone Debut

Science, space and geology backgrounds are sometimes helpful in understanding the brand names and subsets inside Panini’s trading card line, but no education is required to understand that there’s a new product entering the market this NBA season.  Enter 2020-21 Flux Basketball, which after appearing inside the Chronicles line, gets its turn as a standalone product. 

Yes, it’s a 2020-21 product rather than ’21-22.

The cards will be printed on OptiChrome stock with a release date of December 15.

2020-21 Panini Flux Basketball Configuration and Base Set

Flux hobby boxes will contain 10 packs with five cards in each pack.  Cases will hold 12 boxes.  

Boxes will contain one box topper which could be an autographed card, an insert or parallel.

A sizeable base set is in the works with 250 cards planned (200 veterans and 50 rookie cards).  Hobby box base parallels take on an atmospheric vibe with Red, Blue, Supernova, Sunrise, Moonlight, Solar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse, Gold, Green, and 1/1 Black.


The single encased card could contain an autograph including Equinox Autographs and Equinox Rookie Autographs, both of which have Gold and Black (1-of-1) parallels.


Insert content offers a tour of the earth’s atmosphere with Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Thermosphere, and Exosphere–all exclusive to Hobby boxes with a mix of rookies and stars. 

Flow Motion and Fluid are two other possibilities with as yet unannounced parallel versions in the works.  

Panini also teased a Titan subset.

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