2020-21 Upper Deck SP Signature Legends Preview

It may seem a little odd that the Upper Deck Company has a 2020-21 hockey card product coming out in April, 2022. But in this day and age of COVID-19, pandemics, cancelled games, closed borders and everything else that the current plague has brought with it, how could we even think for a minute this is unusual?

The beauty of 2020-21 Upper Deck SP Signature Legends is that any random date can be on the product. Because the set features retired players exclusively, having a 2020-21 product released in 2022 is irrelevant.


The packout of the product is five cards per pack, and 18 packs per box. On average, a box break will include at least two autographs, at least one Profiles Bounty Card, one rare hit card, four UD Canvas Legends cards, three Dominant Digits cards, and three other insert cards.

The 451-card base set is tiered. The base main set features cards 1-300. The next 50 cards (301-350) are shortprints that appear one in three packs.


Cards 351-450 feature three tiers of All-Time Future Watch cards. Tier 1 (cards 351-390) are serial-numbered to 199; Tier 2 (cards 391-435) are serial-numbered to 99; and Tier 3 (cards 436-450) are serial-numbered to 49. Card 451 is an All-Time Future Watch Mystery Bonus card serial-numbered to 199.


There are Gold parallels at 1:21 packs for base set cards and 1:42 packs for the shortprinted cards. Base set Gold Spectrum Gold Foil autographed parallels are 1:75 packs, and Gold Spectrum Foil autographed parallels are inserted 1:250 packs.

Other autographed cards include ’97 Legends Signatures (1:43 packs), as well as autographed parallel versions of the Century Legends, Decagons, Dominant Digits, Evolve, Life After Hockey and UD Canvas Legends insert set.

Century Legends is a unique set as it is divided into four subsets – Signatures, Dual Signatures, Triple Signatures and Quad Signatures. The dual, triple and quad subsets feature label autographs, while Upper Deck has trumpeted the fact that most of the signed cards are hard-signed autographs.

Upper Deck Bounty

The Upper Deck Bounty program is included as part of the product.

The first 24 people to collect and redeem the complete 48-card Profiles bounty set will receive the complete 49-card, serially-#’d Profiles – Gold parallel bounty award set. They will also receive one randomly-selected Profiles – Black Auto parallel bounty award card. Every card in this set is a 1-of-1 and all but one sports a hard-signed autograph.

Every Profiles card will feature a scratch-off code and every box will contain, on average, at least one of these special cards.

For more information on the SP Signature Edition Legends Profiles Bounty Mission, visit UpperDeckBounty.com after the product has been released.

The current release date for 2021-22 SP Signature Legends is April 13.

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Jeff Morris is a hobby veteran who has been a collector for more than 50 years. Originally a hobby journalist, he became brand manager at Pinnacle, and then was an executive for Collector’s Edge and Shop at Home before joining Pacific Trading Cards as VP of Marketing. He is the former editor and publisher of Canadian Sports Collector magazine, and he was also a columnist for ESPN.com.

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