2020 Panini Encased Football Preview

The season is over and the draft will be here soon but the 2020 football card products will keep coming through the early part of the spring.  2020 Panini Encased is set to make its return, marking another chapter in the partnership between Beckett Grading and the NFL’s trading card partner.

2020 Panini Encased Football Configuration

Currently scheduled for a March 26 release, each box of Encased NFL will have a single pack of five cards.  Each will hold one graded autograph card along with a second autograph, two relic cards and a base card.

There will be a First Off The Line version that will include a Ruby parallel autograph numbered to 15 or less along with a Ruby base card parallel.

Base Set

The base set isn’t the headliner here, but it will consist of 100 cards.  Parallels planned include Sapphire (# to 25); Gold (# to 10); Emerald (# to 15), 1/1 Diamond and the Ruby versions found in FOTL.


Base autographs will be numbered to no higher than 25.

The BGS authenticated autograph cards will fall under the headings of Reserve Signatures, Superscribe Signatures, Legendary Signatures, Rookie Endorsements, Rookie Dual Swatch Signatures, Scripted Signatures, HOF Material Signatures and others.

Among the parallels:

Rookie Endorsements Max #’d/75
Rookie Endorsements Sapphire Max #’d/50
Rookie Endorsements Gold Max #’d/25
Rookie Endorsements Emerald Max #’d/10
Rookie Endorsements Diamond One-of-One


Superscribe Signatures Max #’d/50
Superscribe Signatures Sapphire Max #’d/25
Superscribe Signatures Gold Max #’d/10
Superscribe Signatures Emerald Max #’d/5
Superscribe Signatures Diamond One-of-One


Rookie Notable Signatures Max #’d/50
Rookie Notable Signatures Sapphire Max #’d/25
Rookie Notable Signatures Gold Max #’d/10
Rookie Notable Signatures Emerald Max #’d/5
Rookie Notable Signatures Diamond One-of-One


HOF Signatures Max #’d/75
HOF Signatures Sapphire Max #’d/50
HOF Signatures Gold Max #’d/25
HOF Signatures Emerald Max #’d/10
HOF Signatures Diamond One-of-One

Among the autographed relic content are Rookie Cap Patch Signatures.  They’ll be numbered to 50, with Sapphire (# to 25); Gold (# to 10); Emerald (# to 5) and 1/1 Diamond versions.

Memorabilia Cards

Oversized patches will be found on Substantial Swatches while Rookie Quad Patches will offer multiple memorabilia pieces. Both will be numbered to 75 or less including these parallels, numbered to no more than the number indicated:

Sapphire (#/50)
Gold (#/25)
Pearl (#/15)
Emerald (# /10)
Diamond (1/1)

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