2020 Panini Flawless Football Set to Return in April

It’s the one product where the packaging is heavier than the product.  Much heavier, in the case of 2020 Panini Flawless Football.  The super high end NFL brand will make its annual return some two and a half months after the Super Bowl.

2020 Flawless Football Configuration

Flawless’ trademark is the metal briefcase that dwarfs the single box of cards inside. Two will make up a case. Snap the latches and open the package inside and you’ll find ten cards, all numbered to 25 or less.  The content will generally include six autographed cards, all hard-signed, two or three memorabilia cards and one or two base cards, which will carry a couple of gem stones as usual.

There will also be a First Off The Line version sold via Panini’s website.  Those will have exclusive Bronze Patch Autographs numbered to 6 or less and possibly an Aqua Marine base gem card.

Autographs and Auto Relics

New in 2020 are Quad NFL Shield Autographed booklet cards.  Panini calls them “one of the most
spectacular cards ever created.”  The cards will have four NFL shield patches along with on-card autographs. 

Veteran Shield Booklets will be fold out cards with an NFL shield patch on one side and the player and his autograph on the other.  

Shield Signatures is a similar concept, but without the booklet design.

Panini will pair two players in Flawless Dual Autographs with past and present players on the checklist. 

Rookie Patch and Rookie Dual Patch Autographs will be among the key hits. 

Parallels for the Rookie Patch versions will include:

Silver max #’d /20
Ruby max #’d /15
Sapphire max #’d /10
Emerald max #’d /5
Platinum max #’d /1

Dual Patches will also be serial-numbered.

Rookie Gem Signatures will have gem stones instead of patches with parallels that include:

Sapphire max #’d /15
Diamond max #’d /10
Emerald max #’d /5
Platinum #’d 1/1

Among the new names for the autograph subsets are Flawless Achievements, Flawless Flyers
and Etched in Time.

Other fold-out cards include Rookie and Veteran Booklets, Signatures Gems and Super Bowl Gems.

Base Set

Each card in the Ruby base set will be numbered to 20 and embedded with a gem.  Parallels include:

Sapphire #’d /10
Diamond #’d /7
Emeralds #’d /5
Platinum #’d /1

The release date for 2020 Flawless Football is currently set for April 21.

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