2021 Panini National Treasures Football Preview

One of the hobby’s high-end postseason staples returns to the market later this spring.  2021 National Treasures Football will come with some of the same elements collectors have come to expect, but with some new content also making its debut.

On the surface, boxes will contain three autographed cards, three memorabilia cards, one base or insert and one parallel or insert parallel but Panini is promising that most boxes will deliver more than advertised. A specific release date hasn’t been set yet.

As always, it’s the Rookie Patch Autographs that are the NT calling card. Numbered to 99 and featuring a patch piece plus an on-card signature, they’re traditionally among the most popular rookie cards for every draft class but also among the most expensive.

Parallels will include:

Green Jersey #- #/97 or less
Holo Silver- #/25 or less
Stars & Stripes (First Off the Line exclusive)- #/20
Midnight- #/20 or less
Holo Gold- #/10 or less
Black- #/5 or less
Stars & Stripes Premium (FOTL)- #/3
Brand Logo Red- #/2 or 1/1
Red Laundry Tag- 1/1
Red- 1/1
NFL Shield Platinum- 1/1
Printing Plates- 1/1

This year, there will also be Crossover RPAs, utilizing designs from previous year’s NT products across multiple sports, also numbered to 99 with these parallels also in the mix:

Holo Gold- #/25 or less
Brand Logo- #/2 or 1/1
Laundry Tag- 1/1
NFL Shield- 1/1

Dual versions will be numbered to 10 with 1/1 Platinum parallels.

Other rookie autographs could come inside Rookie Signatures Field Pass cards, which utilize a full bleed look and are numbered to 99 or less with a parallel list that includes:

Gold- #/25 or less
Holo Silver- #/10 or less
Black- #/5 or less
Platinum- 1/1
Printing Plates- 1/1

The Future, which will be done on acetate stock (# to 25 or 1/1 Platinum) and the new foldout cards called Rookie First Edition Signature Books, which will be numbered to 99 and feature large swatches of memorabilia along with an autograph.  Parallels there include Holo Silver (# to 5 or less); Holo Gold (# to 2 or 1/1) and 1/1 Platinum.

More autograph possibilities come in the form of Colossal Signatures, numbered to 49 or less with a checklist of veterans and former stars. 

Parallels there will include:

Holo Silver – #/25 or less
Prime Logo – #/2 or 1/1
Laundry Tag – 1/1
NFL Shield – 1/1
Printing Plates – 1/1

Treasure Chest Signature Booklets numbered to 5 or less will carry a dozen autographs. 

One of the rarest inserts in NT will be Super Bowl Immortality, another full-bleed design that features players who have made big plays on the NFL’s biggest stage.

New to NT this year are Signature Treasury, National Archives Signatures, Framed Fabrics, Treasured Rookies and Heirlooms.

The base set will have a 100 card checklist of NFL veterans.  Regular versions of the base card will be numbered no higher than 99 with these parallels in the works:

Jersey Number Red – #/99 or less
Purple- #/50
Gold- #/35
Holo Silver- #/25
Holo Gold- #/10
Emerald- #/5
Platinum- 1/1
Printing Plates- 1/1

A specific release date hasn’t been announced as of yet.

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