2021 Topps Diamond Icons Preview

Back for another year as one of the year’s high-end brands, 2021 Topps Icons Baseball is set for release on July 7, with its all-hits format intact.  

2021 Topps Diamond Icons Configuration 

Diamond Icons is for those who are willing to pony up some serious cash, knowing they’ll be pulling a bunch of autographs. Nothing’s different from last year in terms of what’s inside a box.  Eschewing base cards, Icons packs seven regular signed cards, two autographed relic cards and one unsigned relic into a 10-card, single pack box. Cases will hold four boxes.

Topps promises that all autographs will be signed on-card–no stickers.

The cost you can expect to pay is hard to know in the current market, but expect at least a low four-figure price for a box.


All standard autographs will be numbered to 25 or less, with Red and Silver ink versions possible. Parallels include:  Purple (# to 10); Red (# to 5) and Gold (1/1).

Cut Signature cards will be numbered to 4 with 1/1 Gold parallels. Immortal Cut Signatures, featuring some all-time baseball greats will be 1/1. 

Autographed Relics

Autographed Jumbo Patches will be numbered to 25 or less with Purple (# to 10); Red (# to 5) and 1/1 Gold parallels.  

Single and Dual-Player Autographed Relics will be numbered to 10 or less with Red and Gold parallels.

Single-Player, Dual Team Autographed Relics and Autographed Dual Relics will feature game-used memorabilia from two different MLB teams with Red and Gold parallels. 

New this year are Autographed Diamond in the Rough Relics, which feature an autograph alongside a single uncut diamond. They’ll be numbered to 5 with 1/1 Gold parallels.

Standard Autographed Diamond Relics  will be numbered to 10 or less with 1/1 Golds.  

Dual Autographed Diamond Relic Book Cards and Autographed Preeminent Pieces Relics (game-used cleats with player autographs on them) will both be limited to three copies along with 1/1 Gold parallels.

Relic Cards

The big hits here will include MLB Logo Patch cards that are 1/1. 

Diamond in the Rough relics will carry a single diamond and be numbered to 5 or 1.

Diamond Relics carry four diamond pieces and will be numbered to 5 or 1. 

Single-Player Relics fall one per box and will include Red (# to 5) and 1/1 Golds versions. 

Dual-Player Dual Relic Book Cards and Preeminent Pieces Relics will be numbered to 10 with the dual books having Red and Gold parallels and the Preeminent Pieces having 1/1 Spikes parallels. 

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