2021 Topps Dynasty Baseball Preview

If we get the kind of season we deserve, collectors will be able to rip open some fresh baseball packs while watching Game 7 of the World Series.  November 3 is release day for 2021 Topps Dynasty Baseball, the same day a potential winner take all matchup would take place. 

While the potential combatants are unknown as of now, we do know that Dynasty is one of Topps’ higher end brands and will bring an earth tone look when those boxes hit the market this fall.

2021 Topps Dynasty Configuration

Dynasty isn’t complicated:  each box has one encased card that will either be an autographed relic or a cut signature at a cost of a few hundred dollars. All cards in the product are numbered to 10 or less.

Autograph Cards

All of the cards below will have Silver (# to 5) and 1/1 Gold parallels.

Dynasty Autographed Patch Cards will come in two different designs–including a horizontal version.

“On This Day” Autographed Patch Cards will have patch pieces that come with patch pieces that are in the MLB Authentication database. 

Autographed Dual Relic Cards feature two game-used memorabilia pieces and there will be Dual and Triple Autographed Patch piece cards as well.

Special Event Baseball Leather Cards will showcase a piece from a baseball from an MLB game or event. 

Autographed Batting Glove Cards will be numbered to just 5 with 1/1 Wrist Strap and 1/1 Jumbo Logo variations.

Autographed MLB Logo Patch Cards feature the red, white and blue batter logo, with all scheduled to be 1/1.

The Cut Signature checklist could feature as many as 100 former greats, all 1/1. 

Dual Relic Cut Signatures will pair a cut signature with game-used relic pieces.  These should be among the biggest hits in the product and all will be 1/1.

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