2021 Topps Transcendent Baseball Preview

For those more apt to order the filet mignon at dinner or sit in the club seats, there’s a baseball card product that is sure to appeal to your “best of everything” approach.  2021 Topps Transcendent Baseball packs a box full of more autographs and low serial-numbered cards than any other product on the card calendar.

The release date hasn’t been set yet, but we’ve got some of the details on what will be inside Transcendent when it’s done and ready to ship.  It’ll arrive several months after the release of its sister product, Transcendent Hall of Fame.  Boxes typically cost over $20,000 but most collectors chase single cards from boxes that are opened.

2021 Topps Transcendent Overview

Topps always keeps Transcendent production to a minimum. This year’s flagship run will be limited to 95 boxes in all so each card in the 50-card base set (called “Transcendent Icons”) will be numbered to 95.

Beyond the full base set that’s included in every box are:

One (1) Through the Years Autograph – #’d 1-of-1
One (1) Ronald Acuna Jr. Autograph or One (1) Juan Soto Autograph (10 of these will be dual autos featuring both players).  The cards will chronicle the careers of each player.  Each of the 95 photos used to create the Acuna and Soto cards will be unique

One (1) Transcendent Icons Gold Deco Variation Autograph – #’d 1-of-1  (new)

One (1) Original Art Sketch Card or One (1) all-new Original Art Sketch Relic Card #’d 1-of-1  (new)
One (1) Oversized Cut Signature or Dual Cut Signature or One (1) Oversized Letter Autograph Card – #’d 1-of-1
One (1) Autograph Patch Card or Autograph Bat Knob/Nameplate Book Card -#’d 1-of-1
One (1) 1957 Topps-style SuperFractor Autograph – #’d 1-of-1 (active stars, rookies and retired greats)

Fifty (50) Transcendent Collection Autographs – all #’d to 20 or less plus at least two 1/1 parallels.
One (1) VIP Event Invitation Card – #’d to 95 – An invitation to a Topps party with a baseball guest who will chat with ticketholders and sign autographs, date and guest are TBA.


Transcendent Collection Autographs will have parallels including:

Emerald Parallel – #’d to 15
Purple Parallel – #’d to 10
Red Parallel – #’d 1-of-1
Platinum Parallel – #’d 1-of-1

Transcendent Collection Image Variation Autographs – (#’d to 20) will have Emerald (# to 5) and 1/1 Red or Platinum parallels.


The Cut Signature cards in Transcendent are always popular and the checklist this year will include some of these well-known names from sports, history and entertainment:

John Lennon
Ty Cobb
Babe Ruth
Benjamin Franklin
Jackie Robinson
Thomas Edison
Steve McQueen
Lou Gehrig
King Henry IV
Aaron Burr
Alexander Hamilton

You can see Transcendent cards from all years on eBay here.

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