2021 Topps Transcendent Hall of Fame Edition Preview

Even in a normal year, it’s not the kind of product you’d find at Walmart or Target.  Even your local hobby shop isn’t likely to have one, but Topps has had no problem finding takers for its most expensive line of products.  The 2021 Hall of Fame Edition of Transcendent Baseball arrives May 12, packing a boatload of autographs at the price of…well…a new boat.  At least a small one.

Typically limited to less than 100 boxes, the HOF Edition stops at only 50 this year with price tag that’s typically over $20,000.  

So what do you get for your investment?  Here’s a rundown:

• Two (2) “Through the Years” Autographs – both 1-of-1.  One features Randy Johnson and the other Nolan Ryan, but there are dual autos possible as well.
• One (1) Hall of Fame Icons Autograph – #’d 1-of-1 –  
• One (1) Original Art Sketch Card – By: James Fiorentino – #’d 1-of-1  
• One (1) Oversized HOF or HOF Combo Cut Signatures card – #’d 1-of-1
• One (1) 1956 Topps Baseball SuperFractor Autograph – #’d 1-of-1
• One (1) Oversized 1989 Topps Big Framed Autograph – #’d 1-of-1 
• Forty (40) Transcendent Collection Autograph cards – #’d to 20 or less including at least two 1/1 parallels and at least one Transcendent Collection HOF Co-Signers autograph.

Each box also has a VIP Event Invitation card to the shindigs that Topps puts on in conjunction with each release of Transcendent where more free cards are handed out and there’s a meet and greet with a celebrity guest.  Hank Aaron was part of it a couple of years ago.

Among the 1/1 autograph content are the cut signature cards with the card designed around a signature of a past legend, most of whom are usually deceased.  Transcendent will also have Combo Cut Signatures, which will include 2-4 autographs on one oversized card.  Among those who’ll be on the checklist:  Lou Gehrig/Joe DiMaggio; Larry Doby/Bob Feller/Lou Boudreau/Early Wynn; Ted Williams/Bobby Doerr; Jackie Robinson/Roy Campanella/Duke Snider/Pee Wee Reese.

Other autographs include the “base” Transcendent Collection Autographs  which are numbered to 20 plus:
• Emerald Parallel – #’d to 5
• Red Parallel – #’d 1-of-1
• Platinum Parallel – #’d 1-of-1

There will also be image variations of the above. 

Transcendent Collection HOF Co-Signers Autographs is an all-new case hit featuring two autographs of some of the sport’s greatest players on one card.  Emerald, Red and Platinum parallels are possible here, too. 

1956 Topps SuperFractor Autographs give the modern touch to the classic ’56 Topps design with a 50-player checklist of Hall of Famers while the 1989 Topps Big set also gets a modern reboot with gold framed autograph cards.  All cards from those two subsets will be 1/1. 

Those Nolan Ryan and Randy Johnson Through the Years Autographs will utilize 45 past Topps designs to highlight the long careers of each player.   The Dual versions will highlight ten different Topps designs.  Both the single and dual versions will all be 1/1. 

Hall of Fame Icons Autographs feature what Topps calls “a select grouping of 50 all-time greats” an a new “Hall of Fame Icon” design.  All will be 1/1.

While most of the cards in the product will be autographed, there will also be original sketch cards from artist James Fiorentino.

2021 Topps Transcendent Hall of Fame will be released on May 12. 

You can see Transcendent cards from all years on eBay here.

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