2022-23 Panini Contenders Boxes Shrinking

Some changes are in store for one of Panini’s longest running brands.  2022-23 Contenders Basketball Hobby boxes will be much leaner than in past years. Does that mean the content will be meaner?  We’ll have to wait and see but the product is definitely undergoing a bit of a reboot, perhaps with an eye on quality over quantity.

Last year, Contenders offered 12 packs with ten cards in each–pretty standard for the brand. This season, Panini says Hobby boxes will contain just four packs with eight cards per pack. Each box will still carry two autographs and cases will again hold 12 boxes.

The rest of the box content will include a mix of “ten inserts, parallels or variations,” according to Panini.

Base cards once again carry the Season Ticket label. There will be some Hobby exclusive Season Tickets including rare Premium Edition versions. Exactly what those entail wasn’t explained. 

Panini is touting on-card autographs, with Rookie Tickets again the signature line for Contenders. Championship Ticket Rookies and Cracked Ice Rookie Tickets will offer rarer versions. 

More on-card autographs from current and former stars will be found in Veteran Season Ticket and various parallels such as Playoffs and Finals Tickets.

Panini is promising short-printed Premium Edition Autographs, including Gold (#’d/10) and Gold Vinyl (#’d/1) versions.

Hobby-exclusive inserts include Lottery Ticket, Superstar Die Cuts, Suite Shots, Rookie of the Year Contenders, Ticket to the Hall, and the rare Permit to Dominate and License to Dominate.

2022-23 Panini Contenders Basketball currently has a March 22 release date.

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