2022 Bowman Inception Features Flashy Designs, Future ‘Superstars’

Again featuring the brand’s artsy design, 2022 Bowman Inception is currently set for release the week of Oct. 19, and Topps notes that the product will feature some of baseball’s “future superstars.”

A hobby box will contain two autograph cards, one Foil parallel and four base cards.

Base Set                                                             

The base set will have 100 cards, plus a wide array of parallels. The familiar “1st Bowman” cards are marked with an “Inauguration” stamp.

There will be Blue Foil Green parallels numbered to 99, along with Blue Foil Pattern II (99), Fuchsia Foil (75), Gold Foil Pattern II (50), Gold Foil Pattern III (50), Orange Foil (25), Red Foil (5), FoilFractor (1/1) and Printing Plates (1/1).

The Blue Foil Pattern II and both Gold Foil Pattern parallels are new this year.


As it did in 2021, 2022 Bowman Inception will have four different autographs subsets for collectors to chase.

Bowman Inception Autographs have a varied serial number for base cards, will parallels in Blue Foil (numbered to 99), Fuchsia Foil (75) Gold Foil (50), Gold Foil Pattern II (numbered to 50 and making its debut), Orange Foil (25), Red Foil (5) and FoilFractor (1/1).

Inception Silver Signings also has a varied serial number for base cards. There is a Gold Rainbow Foil parallel, numbered to 25. The other parallel is a Gold Inception Rainbow Foil, which is a 1/1 card.

Short Print Bowman Inception Autographs are numbered to 10.

Primordial Prospects Autographs channels a Big Bang theory concept with a starry-looking design. Base cards are also serial numbered. Parallels include Blue Foil (numbered to 75), Gold Foil (50), Orange Foil (25), Red Foil (5) and FoilFractor (1/1).

Autograph Relics

The 2022 Bowman Inception set will also feature an autograph-relic subset.

Bowman Inception Autograph Dual Relic cards makes its debut this year and has a varied serial number for base cards. Parallels can be found in Gold Foil (numbered to 50), Orange Foil (25), Red (50) and Inception FoilFractor (1/1).

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