2022 Bowman Sterling Places Emphasis On Rookies, Prospects

Collectors looking for rookies, prospects and an abundance of autograph cards will find plenty of each in 2022 Bowman Sterling Baseball.

Scheduled for release the week of Aug. 17, there will be five packs to a hobby box, with five base cards and a chrome autograph card in every pack.

The set will be limited in two ways — in the number of cards in the set, and in the types of players. Bowman Sterling will focus on rookies and prospects, with 50 cards for each.

Each card will have 10 parallels, all numbered:

Refractors (199)
Mini-Diamond Refractors (a new parallel, 150)
Speckle Refractors (99)
Magenta Refractors (75)
Gold Refractors (50)
Blue Refractors (25)
Black Atomic Refractors (10)
Red Refractors (5)
Printing Plates (1/1)
SuperFractors (1/1)

Inserts will feature new Sterling Tek cards numbered to 99. It is a throwback to Topps Tek and will have a heavy foil presence.

Parallels will be found in Gold (numbered to 50), Blue (25), Rose Gold (15), Aqua (10), Red (5) and Black (1/1).

Prospect and Rookie autograph cards will be the big draw in 2022 Bowman Sterling.

Like the base set, there will be 10 parallels collectors can chase:

Refractors (150)
Wave Refractors (125)
Speckle Refractors (99)
Orange Refractors (75)
Gold Refractors (50)
Blue Refractors (25)
Rose Gold Refractors (15)
Black Atomic Refractors (10)
Red Refractors (5)
SuperFractors (1/1)

Sterling Signage Autographs puts the stars in bright lights, Hollywood style. The cards use a theater marquee as a theme, with the players’ names spelled out in capital letters.

This subset includes veteran players, but rookies and prospects remain the focus. The base cards are numbered, and so are the parallels. The parallels include Black Atomic Refractors, numbered to 50, along with Rose Gold Refractors (5), Canary Diamond Refractors (3), Red Refractors (1/1) and SuperFractors (1/1).

Dual Refractor Autographs and Triple Refractor Autographs, both numbered to 25, feature two and three autographs to a card.

Both feature parallel cards, with Black Atomic Refractor, numbered to 50; Rose Gold Atomic Refractor (5); Canary Diamond Refractor (3); Red Refractor (1/1) and SuperFractor (1/1).

Sterling Tek Autographs also have varied serial numbers in the base set. Parallels can be found in Blue (numbered to 25), Rose Gold (15), Aqua (10), Red (5) and Black (1/1).

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Bob has been a sportswriter and copy editor for more than 35 years and a blogger for a decade. He is celebrating his 50th year of card collecting, and still counts his 1965 Topps Mickey Mantle as his favorite. You can reach him at [email protected].

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