2022 Donruss Elite Football Preview

Some of the first images of this year’s NFL rookies in their pro uniforms will arrive inside 2022 Donruss Elite Football.  Look for their first on-card autographs in the product, too.

Boxes will contain 20 packs with five cards per pack.  Cases will hold 12 boxes. A typical box will have two autographed cards, one memorabilia card, three rookies, six parallels and 11 inserts.

The base set is on the smallish side but both will have the same parallels—and they are plentiful:

Aspirations max #’d/99
Status max #’d/99
Aspirations Die Cut #’d/24
Status Die Cut #’d/24
Red #’d/399
Purple #’d/99
Yellow #’d/75
Orange #’d/49
Teal #’d/25
Blue #’d/10
Black 1/1

Look for SSP Razzle Dazzle parallels of base and rookie cards as well.

With 11 inserts per box, you know there will be numerous subsets.  Among them is Star Status, which focuses on the league’s biggest names. 

Parallels will include:

Star Status #’d/349
Star Status Red #’d/99
Star Status Purple #’d/75
Star Status Orange #’d/25
Star Status Blue #’d/10
Star Status Gold #’d/5
Star Status Black One-of-One

2002 Elite takes collectors back to the product’s design from 20 years ago. Rookies will also get the throwback treatment. 

The planned list of parallels looks like this:

2002 Elite Aspirations Die-Cut Max #’d/99
2002 Elite Status Die-Cut Max #’d/99
2002 Elite Black  1/1

Hobby Exclusive inserts will include Playmakers, Rookie Elitist, Elite Deck, Rookie on Deck and new in 2022, High Life. 

Playmakers will have some low numbered parallels including:

Playmakers Orange #’d/25
Playmakers Blue #’d/10
Playmakers Gold #’d/5
Playmakers Black  1/1

The autograph lineup starts with the long running Pen Pals line. Standard versions will be signed in black but there will be blue, purple, green and red ink versions, too. They’ll be among the first on-card rookie autographs of this year’s NFL Draft class. 

Turn of the Century Autographs will focus on first year players. 

Plenty of parallels are in the works here, too:

Turn of the Century Autographs Max #’d/199
Turn of the Century Autographs Red Max #’d/99
Turn of the Century Autographs Purple Max #’d/49
Turn of the Century Autographs Orange Max  #’d/25
Turn of the Century Autographs Blue Max #’d/10
Turn of the Century Autographs Gold Max #’d/5
Turn of the Century Autographs Black One-ofOne

Moxie is a jersey centric insert, highlighting players who “have an extra edge on the field,” according to Panini. 

They’ll have Prime parallels numbered up to 49.

The current release date for 2022 Donruss Elite Football is August 10, but as always, that’s subject to change.

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