2022 Donruss Football Expands Base Card Set, Offers New Downtown Twist

Panini’s Donruss brand typically tries to offer a menu that offers a little something for every kind of collector.  2022 Donruss Football will offer some significant changes but the theme of a large flagship set, some hit chasing and a sizeable stack of other content continues.

Fans of a thorough base set will be happy that Panini has expanded it from 350 cards to 400, Rated Rookies offer a larger bounty of first-year players and the inserts are varied and colorful. Panini America is promising at least one autograph and one memorabilia card per hobby box. There will also be 18 Rated Rookie cards on average, along with 12 parallels and 42 inserts.

The current release date for 2022 Donruss Football is November 16.

Configuration and Base set

A hobby box will have 18 packs, with 10 cards to a pack. Cases will hold 18 boxes.

The base set will offer 300 NFL veterans and retired stars, plus 100 rated rookies.

Base variation cards fall two per case on average. The variations display the player’s full name (did you know Dak’s real name is “Rayne Dakota”?  They also showcase a different image.

A base card or rookie card that does not show the player’s name on the card front will also be part of a hobby break.

Base parallels in hobby boxes will feature Aqueous Test and No Name, along with Canvas falling two per case.

Other parallels — for base and Rated Rookies — include Stat Line (numbered to 500 or less), Jersey Number (99 or less), Press Proof Silver (100), Press Proof Silver Die-Cut (75), Press Proof Gold (50), Press Proof Die-Cut (25), Press Proof Black (10) and Press Proof Black Die-Cut (1/1).

Optic Rated Rookie cards fall four per case.


2022 Donruss Football offers a plentiful array of inserts.

Gridiron Kings features the league’s best players and adds a hobby-exclusive Studio Series that is numbered to 100.

The Rookies is a subset that delivers what its name implies — first-year players.

Other inserts in 2022 Donruss Football include Fans of the Game, Power Plus, Road to the Super Bowl and The Champ is Here.

Super Bowl Downtown! adds a new wrinkle to the venerable Downtown series. Rather than focus on the player’s hometown, this super short-printed insert centers on the city where players excelled during the Super Bowl.

For collectors seeking a bigger challenge for inserts, there are three other super short-printed sets. Gridiron Marvels and Night Moves fall two per case. There are also Rated Rookie Premium cards.

All four of the SSP inserts are exclusive to hobby boxes.

Autographs/Memorabilia cards

The popular rookie autograph cards series has a more artistic flair with a hobby-exclusive Rated Rookies Portraits Autographs, numbered to 49 or less.

Another hobby exclusive set is Rookie Phenom Jersey Autographs, which are numbered to 99 or less. Parallels feature Prime (numbered to 49 or less) and 1/1 cards of Laundry Tag Brand Logo, Laundry Tag NFL Shield and Laundry Tag Player’s Logo.

Memorabilia cards such as All-Pro Kings, Canton Kings, Jersey Kings and Leather Kings also have autograph versions.

Rookies Autographs Max are numbered to 299.

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