2022 Panini Three and Two Baseball

Panini has “One & One” Basketball hitting the market next month.  Another product named after a common sports lexicon is “Three and Two” Baseball, which reached the market last week.

This edition of Brief Box Break takes us inside the black and red box that offers one encased autograph, one encased memorabilia card along with a base card, rookie card and insert.

With just give cards, this break went quicker than a Major League at bat…unless Nomar Garciaparra is at the dish.

The rookie card we pulled was a prospect card of St. Louis Cardinals second baseman Nolan Gorman, numbered to 99 copies. The 22-year-old saw his first extensive big league playing time this year and hit 14 homers in 89 games.

The insert we pulled was a very sharp Sultans card of my favorite player of all time, Ken Griffey, Jr.

The foil really makes this card pop and with The Kid in his classic batting stance and numbered to just 50 copies, this is a nice (but not overly valuable) pull from the product. The few copies that have been listed on eBay so far are attracting some attention from bidders.

The memorabilia card we pulled was a nice encased quad memorabilia RC card of Tampa Bay Devil Rays young pitcher Shane Baz.

With its quad swatches and an action photo in the center, the overall design of this card and insert is really well done, even if we don’t see any logos because of Panini’s lack of an MLB license.

A rather disappointing pull was one of Mets ace Jacob deGrom, numbered to just 32 copies. The only issue is this card was quite off center– like, eyebrow raisingly off center. We say this all the time but there’s no excuse for this to happen in a higher-end, brand new, fresh off the line product.

The big hit, which would be even bigger about five months ago, was an encased jersey autograph card of Fernando Tatis, Jr.

The Lone Star Signatures card features a star shaped jersey piece with a sticker signature. The one-color jersey swatch and sticker auto aren’t ideal but the fact that the hit was someone the caliber of Tatis makes it hard to really complain.  The card’s design is such that you don’t really notice the lack of team marks and that probably should be the goal of every non-league licensed product.

Overall, our box of Three and Two wasn’t bad for the price, which right now is hovering between $180 and $200.

You can see some of the current boxes SportsZone offers online by clicking here.

About Tony Reid

From the time he was a little kid, Tony has been a huge sports fan. If he could play sports, watch sports and talk about sports it was a great day. From as early as he was drawn to sports, Tony was drawn to collecting sports cards. Not much has changed over the years. He collects RCs of star players in baseball, basketball and football. He also has a soft spot for first autographs of MMA stars. If you want to talk to Tony about the greatness of Michael Jordan, Bo Jackson or Ken Griffey, Jr. you can reach him at [email protected] and @OffCenterTR on social media.

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