2022 Select Football Draft Picks

The latest in our Brief Box Break segment is another newly released football issue from Panini—2022 Select Draft Picks.  A new product to Panini’s football line, Select Draft Picks hobby boxes offer three autographs, nine parallels and six inserts, on average.

Boxes have just three packs but each has 15 cards. They include rookie autographs with players in their college uniforms, plenty of parallels and a rainbow of color variations.  They’re available online for $127.

With an auto in each pack and only three total packs this is a “hurry up offense” type of product to open, but then that’s what the Brief Box Breaks are about, right?

On first down, we pulled a bunch of non-rookie stars in their including Randy Moss, Patrick Mahomes and a few other superstars. It’s kind of fun to take a trip back in time and once again see them as they looked on the field while in their early 20s.

The hit was an autograph of Auburn DB Roger McCreary. The Titans rookie corner is contributing when given the opportunity. Definitely not the best start, though. The best card in the pack was probably the white parallel of Jaylen Waddle numbered to 35.

Our second down yielded a base card of Seattle Seahawks Rookie of the Year favorite Kenneth Walker and a few more veterans.

Our second auto came in the form of an X-Factor of former Purdue and current Cleveland Browns receiver David Bell.

Even with an incredibly talented (and crowded) Browns lineup, Bell has managed to find a way to get on the field. The jury is still out on what his NFL impact will be.

We pulled a red Stephon Diggs parallel numbered to 149, a nice red white and blue Ja’marr Chase numbered to 199, a cool short printed horizontal Snapshots Tom Brady Prizm card, too.  Young Tom is shown on the move against Notre Dame some 23 years ago.

Our third down pack had a Malik Willis base rookie and a rare Color Wheel insert of Chris Olave.

The Ohio State product has been playing very well for the Saints so far this season and is well on his way to a 1,000- yard rookie campaign. Our final autograph was an X-Fractor Signatures Silver Prizm rookie redemption of Ravens safety Kyle Hamilton, the 14th overall pick last spring.

And that was that.

We didn’t land any big autograph hits but we received what was advertised. 

You can see some of the other cards that have been pulled and listed for sale by collectors, shops and breakers here and you can see some of the current boxes SportsZone offers online by clicking here.

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