2022 Topps Luminaries Baseball Preview

Back for a sixth year on the release calendar, 2022 Topps Luminaries Baseball will return later this summer in its usual format.

Luminaries is a one shot deal aimed at collectors who prefer higher end autographed cards.  Each box carries one encased autograph or autographed relic card, all numbered to 15 or less.  As has been the case in previous years, there are three themes:  Hit Kings, Home Run Kings and Mound Masters.


Luminaries is famous for its multi-signed foldout booklet cards.  One of the big hits in the product will be a 1/1 book called “The Greatest,” which will include signatures from 30 all-time greats.  

Home Run Kings and Hit Autographs are the “base” versions and this year’s product will offer four lower numbered parallel versions including:

• Red Parallel #’d to 10
• Blue Parallel #’d to 5
• Purple Parallel #’d to 3
• Black Parallel #’d 1/1

The 1/1 Home Run Kings and Hit Kings Autograph Ultra Book Cards will include signatures from ten players.  That’s nothing compared to the 1/1 Home Run Kings Autograph Ultimate Book Cards which will fold out to showcase a total of 50 (Home Run Kings) or 40 (Hit Kings) players.

Masters of the Mound autographs will include four parallels beyond the regular cards that are numbered to 15. They include:
• Red Parallel #’d to 10
• Blue Parallel #’d to 5
• Purple Parallel #’d to 3 (new this year)
• Black Parallel #’d 1/1

The 1/1 Masters of the Mound Ultra Book Card will have autographed from ten of what Topps calls “the elite pitchers
of MLB, past and present.”

Other autographed card possibilities include Guiding Light Triple Autograph booklets that will link past, present, and future greats on the same card.  They’ll be numbered to 5, 3 (Purple) or 1 (Gold). 

Spark of Light and Spark of Light Dual Autographs will focus on “the best and brightest of the next generation of MLB stars,” according to Topps.  Both will have Purple and Gold parallel versions.

Autographed Relics

Home Run Kings, Hit Kings and Masters of the Mound Autographed Relics will feature on-card autographs with game-used memorabilia pieces. Beyond the regular cards numbered to 15 are three parallel versions:

• Blue Parallel #’d to 5
• Purple Parallel #’d to 3
• Black Parallel #’d 1/1

Autographed Patches will feature on-card signatures plus game-used uniform patch pieces.  1/1 Black parallel versions will also be part of the mix for each.

Home Run Kings Dual and Triple Autographed Patch book cards will both be 1/1. Hit Kings and Masters of the Mound will only have Dual versions.

Letters Book cards will feature autographs and oversized jumbo game-used jersey letter patch pieces. All will be 1/1.

Spark of Light Autograph and Dual Autograph Patch cards will have 1/1 Gold parallels.

Guiding Light Triple Autograph Relic booklets are numbered to 5 with Purple (# to 3) and Gold parallels.  

Cut Signatures and Cut Signature relics will be part of 2022 Luminaries with signatures from long ago greats. All will be 1/1.  

Cut Signature Bat Knob Book Cards will include knob pieces from game-used bats along with an autograph.

There will also be Cut Signature booklet cards that are 1/1.

2022 Topps Luminaries Baseball is due out on August 10.

You can see cards from past issues of Luminaries on eBay here.

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