2022 Topps Pro Debut Highlights Stars Of The Future

Focusing on up-and-coming minor leaguers and MiLB stars, 2022 Topps Pro Debut follows the same pattern it has over the previous few years, offering collectors different options in hobby and jumbo boxes.

Expected to be released on Friday, Pro Debut hobby boxes will contain 24 packs, with eight cards to a pack. They also will have four autographs. For jumbo boxes, there are six packs with 24 cards to a pack. Jumbos will have three autographs and exclusive Topps Chrome cards.

A checklist is available for download below.

Base set

The base set will have 200 cards of minor leaguers. There are eight different parallels, with Fuchsia (numbered to 199) and Aqua (75) making their debuts. The other parallels can be found in Blue (150), Green (99), Gold (50), Orange (25), Red (10) and Black (1/1).

Jumbo exclusive chrome cards will also have refractor parallels. New this year will be Orange Lava Refractors, numbered to 25. Other refractor parallels will be Refractors (99), Aqua (75), Gold (50), Red (5) and SuperFractor (1/1).

There will be six Chrome cards in every Jumbo pack.

Collectors attempting to complete a master set will have a challenge with Base Image Variations, which will also include a 1/1 Black version.


Topps Pro Debut offers three different inserts this year, with two appearing for the first time. MiLB Legends, falling one in every six packs, will adopt the horizontal look of 1960 Topps and will look back at some of MLB’s players as they appeared during their minor league days.

Draftee Debuts is a new set that can be found once in every 12 packs. This insert will showcase a player’s first professional city. “Freshly drafted names will never forget the first team and city they play in,” Topps writes.

Brick by Brick falls once in every six packs and shows the progression of players as they build their resumes — brick by brick, of course — en route to making the roster of a major league squad.

All three inserts will have parallels, including Green (numbered to 99), Orange (25) and Black (1/1).


Topps Pro Debut will not have memorabilia cards, but there will be plenty of autograph subsets.

Base Autographs will continue to use sticker signatures and will be the most common autograph cards in the set. Parallels will be found in Blue (numbered to 150), Green (99), Gold (50), Orange (25), Red (10) and Black (1/1).

Base Chrome Autograph Variations are new and are exclusive to Jumbo boxes. Parallels will be refractors and available in Orange Lava (25), Red (10) and SuperFractor (1/1).

Future Cornerstones Autographs will be featured on cards with a colorful background. All will have serial numbers, and parallels can be found in Gold (numbered to 50), Orange (25), Red (10) and Black (1/1).

There are four other autograph subsets, all with various serial numbers and Black parallels that are 1/1 offerings.

Pro Debut Draftboards Quad Autographs feature signatures from four players. Brick by Brick, Draftee Debuts and MiLB autograph subsets mirror the insert sets.

Hobby boxes are on eBay now for $75-$90 with Jumbos running $100-$120.

2022 Pro Debut checklist

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