2022 Topps Stadium Club Baseball Preview

Kids who grew up collecting what was a breakthrough product back in the early 1990s are middle aged these days, but the brand that became one of the first “high end” releases is still going strong.  2022 Topps Stadium Club Baseball is set for release on November 25, with the usual elements like borderless designs, glossy stock and an emphasis on photography.

It’s one of the company’s lower cost releases, with blaster boxes usually produced for the retail market.

Hobby boxes are currently selling on eBay for about $170.

2022 Topps Stadium Club Configuration and Base Set

Hobby boxes of Stadium Club will contain the usual 16 packs with eight cards in each.  Boxes should hold two autographs, one Chrome parallel and one Triumverates insert.  Cases will hold 16 boxes.  

The base set will once again consist of 300 cards, mostly current players but with some former stars also part of the checklist. There will be several parallels for base cards including:

• Red Foil
• Black Foil
• Black and White  (Hobby Only)
• Blue Foil  (#’d to 50)
• Rainbow Foilboard  (#’d to 25)
• First Day Issue  (Limited to 10)
• Members Only  (1 per case)
• Photographer’s Proof  (1 every 2 cases)
• Gold Rainbow Foil #’d 1/1 (Hobby Only)
• Superfractor – #’d  (1/1 Hobby Only)

There will be base card variations including 200 different Image and Design variations.  The Design Variations will feature the original 1991 Stadium Club look. 

Rookie Design Variations will be done on the 1992 Draft Pick design with 92 players on that portion of the checklist and on-card autograph variations possible.

Found one per box, Base Card Chrome Variations will be available for 90 select subjects with parallels that include:

• Refractor – 1:4 boxes
• Orange – #’d to 99
• Pearl White – #’ to 30
• Gold Minted – 1 per case
• SuperFractor – #’d 1/1 (Hobby Only)

Insert Cards

New this year are Team of the Future inserts, which throw it back to a similar insert done back in the mid-1990s. Two players at each position are selected for inclusion. Variations will be possible, including: 

• Red – 1 per case
• Black – #’d to 99
• Orange – #’d to 50
• Gold Rainbow – #’d 1/1

Another 90s favorite continues its renaissance as Beam Team returns inside 2022 Stadium Club.  Parallels will be scarce but include:

• Red –  (1 per 10 cases)
• Black – #’d to 25
• Orange – #’d to 10
• Gold Rainbow – #’d 1/1

Power Zone inserts highlight the game’s top long ball threats and include these parallel versions:

• Red – 1 per case
• Black – #’d to 99
• Orange – #’d to 50
• Gold Rainbow – #’d 1/1

A new insert in 2022 is Dynasty and Destiny. Inspired by the 1994-95 insert, they’ll feature the game’s current and future superstars “that share a common bond,” according to Topps. Parallels in the works include: 

• Red – 1 per case
• Black – #’d to 99
• Orange – #’d to 50
• Gold Rainbow – #’d 1/1

Triumvirates and Instavision are two other inserts with 1990s roots.  Parallels include:

• Red – 1 per case
• Black – #’d to 99
• Orange – #’d to 50
• Gold Rainbow – #’d 1/1


The autograph hunt begins with base cards, all carrying on-card signatures, according to Topps.  There will be four parallel chances here including:

• Red Foil – #’d to 50
• Black Foil – #’d to 25
• Rainbow Foilboard – 10  (hobby only)
• Gold Rainbow – #’d 1/1 (hobby only)

2022 Stadium Club Chrome Autographs will be rare, with all numbered to 10 or less and 1/1 SuperFractor parallels.

New in ’22 are Team of the Future Autographs, which will be numbered to 25 or less unless they’re an Orange parallel (# to 5) or Gold Rainbow (1/1 and Hobby only).  Also new are Co-Signers Autographs, which have autographs from two players and are numbered to 10 or less with 1/1 Gold Rainbow parallels.  

Power Zone Autographs, Beam Team Autographs and Lone Star Signatures are numbered to 25 with Orange (# to 5) and 1/1 Gold Rainbow parallels. 

Each Hobby box will carry a Box Loader, which are oversized versions of 50 different base cards. Some will be autographed. 

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