2022 Topps Stadium Club Chrome Focuses On Autographs, Parallels

For the third consecutive year, Topps is offering a standalone chrome product for its Stadium Club product.

2022 Topps Stadium Club Chrome, which is expected to be released the week of March 29, will contain 14 packs to a hobby box, with six cards to a pack. Each pack will include either a base parallel or an insert card.

Topps is promising one autograph card per box.

Base set

The base set will have the 300 cards that were in the main Stadium Club set, plus an additional 100 cards of new players, to create a 400-card checklist.

The set will be made up of current stars, top rookies and retired legends.

Parallels include refractors, which will fall once every three packs. A rarer version, Wave Refractors, will be found in every 112 packs. Other refractor parallels will be found in Blue (numbered to 199), Green (99), Gold (50), Red (5) and SuperFractors (1/1). There is also a hobby exclusive parallel in Orange, numbered to 25. Blue and Green parallels are new this year.


Inserts for this year’s set will include distinctive styles. Tops on the list is the return of the Beam Team Chrome insert. Trophy Hunters brings nostalgia back to the set, as it pays tribute to the 1995 insert set and players who won awards and championships.

Dynasty and Destiny Chrome and Team of the Future Chrome are new inserts.

Dynasty and Destiny compares all-time greats with current players who share similar skill attributes, while Team of the Future picks first- and second-team lineups.

The inserts have parallels, too. There are Wave Refractors, again falling once every 112 packs, or two per case. Other parallels include Green (numbered to 99), Gold (50), Orange (25), Red (5) and SuperFractors (1/1).


The majority of signature cards in this year’s Stadium Club Chrome set can be found in the Base Autographs set. The on-card autographs from the base set, featuring 50 different players, also have refractor parallels in Gold (numbered to 50), hobby-exclusive Orange (25), Red (5) and SuperFractor (1/1).

Delving into its past, the 1991 Stadium Club Design Variation autographs are numbered to 25 or less. There are also Red refractor parallels numbered to 5 and a 1/1 SuperFractor.

The Beam Team insert also has autograph versions, with a base autograph numbered to 15 or less. Parallel refractors can be found in Red (numbered to 5) and SuperFractor (1/1).

Top players are paired in the Co-Signers Autographs subset. Base autographs are numbered to 10 or less, with a SuperFractor parallel offered as a 1/1.

Lone Star Autograph cards are numbered to 25 or less, with refractor parallels in Red (5) and 1/1 SuperFractors.

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