Brief Box Break: 2021 Prizm Football Blaster

Although not the newest product on the market, we cracked a blaster Box of 2021 Prizm Football today. Released in early June, Prizm arrived some four months after the end of the ’21 season. 

Prizm, one of the hottest and most recognizable brands in sports cards, has taken some lumps lately as far as perceived overproduction and poor production quality. Those issues, coupled with a somewhat unproven rookie class, has this product still sitting on many store shelves, even at around $50 a pop.
The six pack, 4 card per pack blaster box is a quick rip, to be sure. It doesn’t take long to thumb through 24 total cards.

Our first pack didn’t offer anything spectacular with the highlight being a Darius Leonard Orange Lazer card.

Pack two offered another Orange Lazer Prizm, this one with a bit more star power.  The leader of the Pack was definitely the leader of this pack, but even an Aaron Rodgers in this parallel is not a high dollar card.

This blaster box turned out to be rookie running back heavy as we pulled a base Najee Harris rookie card in our next pack.

Najee has had a bit of a slow start this year but he looks to be a long term NFL star so here in Steelers country we weren’t disappointed to see his rookie card.

The next pack saw an Emergent insert rookie card of emerging Jacksonville Jaguars running back Travis Etienne. Etienne has had this moments already this year and looks to be well on this way to being a long term RB1, barring injuries. 

Our final pack saw another base rookie running back in San Francisco 49ers stud Elijah Mitchell. 

Our two blaster exclusive Disco Prizms were both commons.

Most of the base rookie cards in Prizm don’t carry value like they did in years past, even when graded, so it’s a little tougher to get your money back out of most of these blaster boxes if that’s your intent. Our break certainly proves that.

There is potential with the rookie class, but you’ll need some good luck to feel great about 2021 Prizm.

You can see some of the current boxes SportsZone offers online by clicking here.

About Tony Reid

From the time he was a little kid, Tony has been a huge sports fan. If he could play sports, watch sports and talk about sports it was a great day. From as early as he was drawn to sports, Tony was drawn to collecting sports cards. Not much has changed over the years. He collects RCs of star players in baseball, basketball and football. He also has a soft spot for first autographs of MMA stars. If you want to talk to Tony about the greatness of Michael Jordan, Bo Jackson or Ken Griffey, Jr. you can reach him at [email protected] and @OffCenterTR on social media.

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