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During the Hobby box snafu last week, Topps indicated a couple of new iterations of 2022 Chrome Baseball were coming. On Wednesday, one of them was unveiled.  2022 Topps Chrome Logofractor mega boxes are exclusive to and the MLB Store in New York City.

Boxes contain seven packs:  two regular Chrome packs and two exclusive Logofractor Edition packs.showcasing what Topps calls “the top 110 cards from 2022 Topps Chrome on an all-new MLB Logo design refractor stock.”  Judging from some cards that were pulled and listed on eBay Wednesday, the Logofractors are definitely colorful.

There will be colored parallels in the mega boxes as well as rare short prints and autograph cards randomly inserted in some boxes.

They’re available (at least for now) via this page on Topps’ website.

Crown Collection with Bobby Witt Jr.

That wasn’t the only new product Topps released on Wednesday.  It also dropped a new product curated by Kansas City Royals rookie Bobby Witt Jr. called “Crown Collection.”

Witt got together with Topps in the summer to hammer out the concept. 

“From the checklist to the designs to the subset themes, every component was hand-picked by Bobby Witt Jr. and reflect his origins, journey, and versatility as an athlete,” Topps stated. Like other  player curated products, it includes cards of other players, too, including some Hall of Famers.

“Growing up I collected cards…Go to a local card shop on the weekends, that would be my thing that would fire me up…I hope from my set they get the joy of everything,” Witt was quoted as saying.

Each box features at least two Premium Foil Base Card Parallels numbered to /150 or less, one Die-Cut insert and every other box will have an Autograph or Relic card.

The 50-card base set is built across five different subsets.  There are parallels in the mix as well as inserts and variations.

You can see the checklist and full details here.

2022 Topps Gallery

Gallery makes its return with boxes available at Walmart and on Topps’ website.

The 2022 edition offers a 200-card base set, 11 different parallels, 5 different themed insert sets, player autograph cards, and 1 of 1 hand-drawn sketch cards.

The product is being sold in two configurations: Monster boxes at $79.99, with 20 five-card packs and a guarantee of two autograph cards per box and $24.99 Value boxes that have seven packs of four cards including four Printer Proof parallels.

Retail boxes have been available for a few days and you can check out some of the cards that have been pulled and listed on eBay here.

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