Justin Jefferson Rookie Card Picks, Most Watched eBay Auctions

In a draft rich with potential all-pro talent at the wide receiver position, he’s emerged as a player who had no trouble making the adjustment from college football to the NFL. Justin Jefferson rookie cards may rank lower on the collector pecking order than the likes of Justin Herbert at this point, but long-term success is often easier to find if you’re not the guy taking snaps.

The Jefferson Journal

A native of St. Rose, Louisiana, Jefferson was a star on the gridiron at Destrehan High School before committing to LSU.  
After an unproductive freshman season in 2017, Jefferson made huge strides and was the team’s leading receiver in 2018 with over 50 catches for nearly 900 yards and six touchdowns.  

During his third year in Baton Rouge, he led the nation with 111 receptions and found the end zone 18 times, which was second best in the country. His 1,540 receiving yards were third most in the nation.

Jefferson passed on his senior year of college ball and entered the 2020 NFL Draft, where he was selected in the first round as the 22nd overall pick by the Minnesota Vikings.

His rookie season in the NFL was a revelation. He set the all-time NFL rookie record for receiving yards with exactly 1,400 and his 88 receptions were a team rookie record smashing Randy Moss’s previous record of 69 set in 1998.  Jefferson was one of only two rookies to be named to the 2021 Pro Bowl along with Washington’s Chase Young. Jefferson was named the NFL Rookie of the Year by the Sporting News.

Justin Jefferson Rookie Card Roundup

As with most popular players, there are a lot of options for rookie cards, Below we have listed three Justin Jefferson gems for three different price levels.

Rookie of the Year Tier

1. 2020 Panini National Treasures #170 Justin Jefferson JSY AU RC

Generally considered the cream of the crop, the crème de la crème for anyone collecting rookie cards of the Vikings star rookie wide receiver. It offers a top of the line design showcasing a large jersey swatch and Jefferson’s signature. 

2. 2020 Panini Impeccable #113 Justin Jefferson HEL PAT AU RC

Impeccable offers a unique jersey and helmet combination in addition to the autograph. The helmet pieces really present well and add a uniqueness not found on many other offerings.  At current prices and with just 75 made, this seems like a no-brainer.

3. 2020 Panini Contenders #109A Justin Jefferson AU RC 

Contenders is, well, Contenders. A flagship and iconic line showcasing their signature rookie ticket design and an autograph with low serial numbering, it’s worthy of being added to any Justin Jefferson rookie card collection.  There are multiple parallel options, too, but at current prices for the standard rookie auto, Contenders is a blue chip.

Tiger Tier

1. 2020 Panini Encased #113 Justin Jefferson HAT AU RC #/50

We’ve seen RPAs and even helmet/patch/autos. Well, how about a hat/patch/ auto? That’s exactly what this horizontally designed, pre-encased card offers.  This one offers a high end look with just 50 copies that means you may have to scout around a bit and yet the cost when you find one is still quite reasonable.

2. 2020 Panini Flawless #110 Justin Jefferson RC

Flawless offers the flawless combination of various stones and gems and diamonds coupled with a serial number of a nearly impossible 20 copies printed. This could be a tough one to track down and even tougher to part with the money that it may cost you to add it to your collection. One of them sold for $238 not long ago, which could be quite a bargain if Jefferson enjoys what many believe is possible–a Hall of Fame type of career.

3. 2020 Panini Spectra #214 Justin Jefferson JSY AU RC– #/99

The Spectra line offers a flashy and shiny horizontal rookie card with a sticker autograph. For checking most of the higher end boxes, it’s actually a lower mid-tier product.  Expect to pay a little over $100 for the base version and there are multiple parallels, too.

High School Tier

1. 2020 Panini Prizm #398A Justin Jefferson RC

Prizm base cards are plentifuly and usually very, very affordable (unless your name is Patrick Mahomes) but if you’re looking for a higher end product Prizm has that as well with various levels of scarcity and color combinations.  Ungraded examples can be had the price of a pack–or less..

2. 2020 Panini Obsidian #109 Justin Jefferson RC

Although the Obsidian card looks as if Jefferson is running through a thunder and lightning storm or leaving a party at Studio 54, it somehow works. It’s a pretty sharp card from a box and pack price that’s relatively high but, luckily for you, the individual RC can be found for a few bucks.

3. 2020 Donruss Optic #163 Justin Jefferson RR RC

Optic is Donruss on steroids, as it offers a thicker stock, higher quality and just a shinier, sexier looking card.  Optic has proven to be a popular choice for the lowest end of the rookie list. Pick one up –or one of the parallels–for a few dollars.  Everyone loves the Rated Rookie icon. 

You can check out a live list of the most watched Justin Jefferson rookie card auctions via the live list below.

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