Sales, Searches of Burrow Cards Booming

His rookie year ended with an injury but since the start of the 2022 season, he’s become the NFL’s hottest trading card commodity.  Data obtained by SC Daily shows a massive spike in both searches and sales for Joe Burrow rookie cards and collectibles from the start of the season until the day the after the Cincinnati Bengals secured a spot in Super Bowl 56. 

Search volume for Burrow cards grew by a whopping 708 percent between September 9, when the NFL season kicked off, and Monday, January 31.  Sales grew 464 percent during the same time period. 

Last weekend, a 2020 National Treasures Stars & Stripes Rookie Patch autograph card numbered 11/20 sold on eBay for $89,999 and a 2020 Burrow Rookie Patch Autograph changed hands for $75,000.  Some of his popular lower serial-numbered rookie cards have seen six-figure sales on other platforms.

While a large number of collectors and investors had already bought in by late last week, sales of Burrow cards still grew by 46% between February 4 and 6.  More than two dozen of his cards currently up for auction have at least 100 watchers. 

Sales for all types of Burrow collectibles in eBay’s sports memorabilia category increased by 477% during the 2022 season. 

As a whole, the Bengals’ profile has risen dramatically with collectors this year, with sales of Bengals collectibles rising 446 percent.

Chasing Chase and More

Burrow’s favorite target and former LSU teammate Ja’Marr Chase has also been a popular target for collectors.  While some of Panini’s most popular and high-end 2021 NFL products have yet to be released, searches for Chase trading cards soared over 600 percent since the start of the season.

Collectors have also been buying Burrow’s other top receivers. From February 2 to 6, sales of Tee Higgins cards increased by 86 percent. Higgins rookie cards are inside 2020 products. Even Tyler Boyd’s collectibles have increased by 136 percent over the course of the football season.

While the Bengals may be the youthful darlings, cards and memorabilia featuring the Rams’ top stars have also been on the rise.  After years of losing in Detroit, Matthew Stafford’s career has found new life in L.A. You have to go back to 2009 to find rookie cards of the 34-year-old quarterback, who is making his first appearance in the Super Bowl.  eBay says sales of Stafford cards grew by 68 percent from February 3-6.  Since September 9, Stafford’s card sales increased by 55 percent overall with searches up 80 percent.  

Cooper Kupp rookie cards can be found in 2017 Panini products. According to eBay, sales of cards and other items related to the prolific wide receiver out of Eastern Washington have increased by 244 percent since the first game of the season.

As a whole, sales of Rams collectibles grew by 148 percent this year.

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