Sports Card Breaks

If you are an avid sports fan, there’s a strong chance you have heard about sports card breaks. A sports card break is when a company opens a case or multiple cases of sports cards for an individual or group. Some common sports boxes that people use for breaks are Topps, Prizm, Chrome, and Bowman.

How Sports Card Breaks Work

In a group setting, card breaks are typically sold in “slots” by the company to create a level playing field for everybody participating. For baseball group breakers, 6 slots is ideal to separate by division. For basketball group breaks, 10 slots is standard to allow each slot holder three teams. Each group break will have a set time when the event will start. On our group breaks, we place the date and time in the title of each event. In addition, the date and time may be found in the description of an event.

Group Break Event Structure

If the event is virtual, there should be a specific link to enter at the time of the event. However, group breaks may be live streamed from Instagram or another social media platform.

The group break begins with organizing each slot. Most companies will use a random number generator to allocate each slot. If it’s a basketball break, slot #2 may end up with the Lakers, Celtics, and Knicks. As the packs are opened, each of the team cards will be delegated into the slot #2 pile. Similarly, a baseball slot could be placed with a Central division.

When the event host pulls a desirable card from a pack, the host will typically place the card into a case for protection. On the contrary, cards that have little value will not receive a case. Sometimes, if the card is deemed as incredible, the host may issue a double casing.

How To Get Involved With Sports Breaks

You have learned about how breaks work. You’re itching to get started, but what are the next steps? Head to our breaks section and purchase a slot! This is simply an experience that will not disappoint. Get out there and have fun. Happy picking.