Sports Card Release Calendar: 2/15/22

More current year basketball releases are finally arriving in the latter half of February, along Topps Series 1 Baseball and some Upper Deck products.  

Here’s a look a the sports card calendar:


2022 Topps Series 1 Baseball

Tuesday was supposed to be the day pitchers and catchers reported to spring training but with the ongoing dispute between players and owners, it’s anyone’s guess when–or if–we’ll see baseball come April.  There will, however, be baseball cards to collect.  Series 1 arrives just a tad later than normal.

Hobby boxes will hold 24 packs of 14 cards with one autograph or relic card guaranteed. Jumbo boxes have 10 packs with 46 cards in each along with one guaranteed autograph and two relic cards. Retail boxes offer 24 packs of 16 cards with no guarantee of autographs or relics.

Special Silver Packs will once again be inserted in each box, featuring veterans, rookies and retired stars in a chrome format. There will be one Silver Pack in each Hobby box and two in Jumbo boxes. The promotion is expected to continue in Series 2 and Update.

You can check out box prices for 2022 Topps Series 1 Baseball on eBay here.

2021-22 Donruss Elite Basketball

2021-22 basketball cards have been slow to arrive but the action picks up over the next couple of weeks, barring any more delays. Each 2021/22 Donruss Elite Basketball Hobby box will have 20 packs with eight cards per box. Look for two autographs, eight inserts, eight parallels and two base rookie cards per box.

Among the highlights:

Passing the Torch Signatures autograph cards pair all-time greats with an up and coming star.

Die-cut parallels and super short-printed Lenticular cards

All new autograph sets in Impact Impressions and Rookie Yearbook Autographs with autographs from this season’s rookies. 

Boxes are selling for around $375 but there’s a First Off The Line version with exclusive parallels that’s a bit more.

2021 Topps Formula One

The flagship set for Topps’ F1 deal arrives well behind schedule. 

Each box will have 18 packs with eight cards per pack.

If you’re hunting big hits, this one probably isn’t for you but there will be serial-numbered relic cards.  Look for a total of 18 parallels and 13 inserts among the 144 cards.

A few years ago F1 cards might have been a tough sell in North America, but they’ve been hot and pricing reflects that. 


2021-22 Upper Deck Star Rookies Set

The latest edition of the NHL Star Rookies Box Set aggregates the top 2021-22 rookie prospects. 

Each box contains the complete 25-card set.  Every 20-box case, on average, will contain a bonus 26th card – a rookie autograph card.


2021-22 Donruss Basketball

Another 21-22 NBA product arrives with the flagship-style Donruss issue. Hobby boxes will be in fat pack style with ten packs and 30 cards per pack. Cases will hold ten boxes.

Panini is promising 60 inserts and parallels among the 300 cards in each box and there will be one autographed card and one memorabilia card per box, on average.

The cheapest price per box on eBay right now is $450.

Other products slated for release include:  2021 Panini Immaculate Soccer (2/18); Pro Set Power Football (2/18); Leaf Memories College Football (2/25) and Leaf Valiant Football (2/25).

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