Sports Card Release Calendar: 2/22/23

More baseball, an NIL football release, postseason football and even a major 2020-21 hockey release are set to launch between now and early March. Here’s a look at the sports card product releases set to arrive in the coming days.


2022 Panini Rookies and Stars Football

Another brand with a fairly long history, Rookies and Stars returns with…rookies and stars on the front of the box.

Hobby boxes will include 6 packs per box and 10 cards per pack. Most boxes will have two autographs, two memorabilia cards and a pretty large variety of inserts, etc. Online box pricing is fairly consistent leading up to release.

Dress for Success horizontal rookie patch auto set features memorabilia swatch autos from top 2022 rookies. Stellar Rookies and All-American Signatures are two of the other autograph lines.

2022 Bowman Chrome University Football

This one might not jump off the page, but the lawyers have seemingly been satisfied and school trademarks can now be used on Topps’ college oriented products, starting with this one. It’s a pretty big deal from an aesthetics standpoint.   

2022 Bowman Chrome University will have some of the names coming soon to both college and NFL stadiums near you this fall.  There are some marginal prospects on the autograph checklist but also some of the biggest names in the college game as of 2022.

Like other Chrome branded products, 2022 University will carry 24 packs of four cards with a typical box containing two autographs. 

Hobby boxes are running in the neighborhood of $135.

Also set for release on 2/22:  2022 Panini Immaculate WWE


2020-21 Upper Deck The Cup Hockey

Yes, it’s 2023. Yes, this is a product dated not to last season but the season before that–the pandemic season.  The Cup ’20-21 might be the latest arriving product in sports card history, but at least Upper Deck didn’t throw in the towel on its highest end hockey product. 

Each box of The Cup has a single six-card pack that will surrender a Rookie patch autograph, an additional patch autograph (rookie, veteran or legend), one regular autograph card, two more cards that are either Inserts, memorabilia, printing plates and/or redemption cards… and one base card numbered to 249. 

Expect box pricing at around $1,500.


2022 Panini Elite Extra Edition Baseball

Elite Extra has carved out its own little niche over the years as a product that may not have logos, but does have a lot of prospect autographs–even players from the Dominican Prospect League.  For numerous players, it’s their first baseball card.

Hobby boxes have five packs with five cards in each and out of those 25 cards, there are eight autographs and two memorabilia cards.

At the current price of $110-$120 per box, it’s certainly an action packed rip, even for the generic kind of look.

2022 Topps Chrome Sonic Lite

Topps pushes out yet another version of its Chrome product with Sonic, a brand that offers a slightly different look and its own exclusive Inserts and autographs such as 1996 Topps Chrome Youthquake, Topps Chrome Expose, and Dual and Triple Chrome Autographs. In fact, all of the autographs in Sonic Lite (not guaranteed in a box) are of the multi-player variety and feature rookies, veterans and a few former greats.

Boxes will have 16 packs with four cards per pack at $75-$80 per box, which seems reasonable enough in the current market.

Here’s the Topps Chrome Sonic Lite checklist

Also set for release on 2/24:  2022-23 Panini Revolution Soccer; Leaf In The Game Used Sports


2023 Topps Allen & Ginter Chrome Baseball

Topps again takes its quirky A&G brand and gives it a Chrome touch but there’s also some new content including six base Refractors per box. 

Each Hobby box has 18 packs with four cards per pack. Expect pricing in the $120-$130 range.

Autographs won’t be easy to find–just one per 12-box case, but some will be on-card.

There’s a 300-card base set that mirrors the one from the regular A&G set. Seven inserts and 18 minis will be found in each box.

Also set for release 3/1:  2022-23 OPC Hockey, 2022 Topps Dynasty F1 and 2022 Panini Phoenix Football.

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