Sports Card Release Calendar: 9/3/21

Football and hockey products are at the forefront of the upcoming sports card release list for the first half of September.  

Here’s a look at what’s currently scheduled to arrive and when:


2021 Panini Black Football

Boxes of Black contain one five-card pack.  Each will have a single rookie patch autograph plus one additional autograph, one memorabilia card, one parallel and one base card, on average.

Rookie cards will have Silver parallels numbered to 75, along with Sapphire (35), Copper (25), Emerald (10), Gold (5) and Platinum (1/1).  Short-printed inserts will include Regulators, White Night and ForceField.

Boxes are available on eBay for around $475.  First Off the Line versions, with exclusive content, are running about twice that.


2021 Panini Prizm WNBA

Prizm WNBA sold well last year and is back for second season.  Each hobby box contains 12 cards per pack and 12 packs per box.  Look for two  autographs, 22 prizm parallels and 10 inserts, per box, on average.

The popular Color Blast inserts that are case hits will be part of the release this year.   Mojo (#’d/25), Gold (#’d/10), Black Gold (#’d/5) and one-of-one Black Prizm parallels will only be found in hobby boxes.

Prices have been all over the board, but hobby boxes are currently $200-$300 with Blaster boxes at around $90-$100 on pre-sale.

2021 Donruss Football 

What many consider the flagship set for Panini’s NFL line returns with 18-pack boxes and ten cards per pack. 2021 Donruss Football offers the most up to date option for those who prefer a comprehensive set that includes a lot of players. The complete set will have 400 cards: 250 base, 50 base photo variations and 100 Rated Rookies.

Most boxes will have one autograph, one relic card, 18 Rated Rookies, 12 parallels and 42 inserts.

Boxes are online for $330-$350.

2020-21 Skybox Metal Universe Hockey 

If you dug it as a 1990s NBA release, Upper Deck is hoping you’ll have a soft spot for the 21st century version.  From the Precious Metal Gems parallels (Red and Green) to Jambalaya inserts and throwback base cards, it’ll bring back memories.

Most boxes of Skybox Metal Universe Hockey will have:

1 Autograph
6 Inserts (Alloyance, Intimidation Nation or Net Deposits)
1 Acetate Insert (Alon or Championship Hardware)
3 Base 1997-98 Style Cards

Boxes are online at $350.


2020-21 Upper Deck Allure Hockey

Allure is back after making its debut last year. Boxes will have eight packs with eight cards per box.

Among the new additions this year is Grand Entrance which is focused on rookie prospects.  Green Auto and Blue (#’d to 99) parallels are part of the checklist.  The base set is 150 cards including 70 Veterans, 30 Rookies and 50 SP Rookies – the latter falling 1 per pack, on average.

A box break should look like this:

– 8 SP Rookie Cards
– 8 Numbered or Ratio’d Parallel Cards
– 5 Regular Insert Cards
– 1 Autograph Card
– 2 Double Rainbow/Rare Parallel or Jersey Cards

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