Sports Card Release Calendar Through 7/31/21

From single card autograph products to long-running brands and multiple late season basketball, the sports card release calendar that leads up to the National Sports Collectors Convention is a fairly busy one.

Here’s a look at what’s just arrived or is on the way:


2021 Topps Museum Baseball

Off the truck as of Wednesday along with Archives Retired Player Edition, a hobby box of 2021 Museum Collection has four mini-boxes, with five cards to a mini-box. Each mini should have three base cards, one parallel and one hit.  Those hits will include on-card autographs, autographed relics or quad relics.

Case hits in Museum include Jumbo Relic Autographs and Museum Collection Framed Autographs.

Boxes are currently in the $340-$375 range on eBay.

2020Topps U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Team & Hopefuls

In the past, this release hasn’t generated a ton of excitement, but this year might be different considering the increasing interest in athletes beyond baseball, football, basketball and hockey.  Simone Biles autographs–and even base cards–from the 2016 edition have been selling for eye-popping amounts.

Each hobby box (currently around $160 on eBay) has 24 packs per box with eight cards per pack.  Look for one auto and two memorabilia cards. 

Big hits include 1/1 FoilFractors.


2021 Donruss Elite Football

Elite offers 20 packs with five cards in each.  Look for two autographs, one memorabilia card, three rookie cards, six parallels and 11 inserts per hobby box.

New this year are rookie photo variations.  Playmakers inserts are case hits.

Hobby boxes are online at around $380 with the First Off the Line edition and its exclusive content just slightly higher.

2021 Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball

The long-running favorite returns with 24 packs in a hobby box and eight cards per pack.  Each box should have a pair of on-card autographs.

The base set will once again include 300 cards but as always there will be short printed base cards, packed one per box.

There will be image variations for the base cards as well in which the regular photo is swapped out for one taken on Jackie Robinson Day, Roberto Clemente Day or the Negro Leagues Centennial Celebration. 

Boxes are running $170-$200 on eBay.


2021 Topps Clearly Authentic Baseball

The acetate runs wild on 2021 Clearly Authentic, with each box containing a single, encapsulated card printed on the clear stock with an on-card autograph.  The signature could be from a current or former star or rookie.

Prices are currently sitting at $80-$90.


2020-21 Clearly Donruss Basketball

Speaking of acetate…

This one features images from Donruss and Donruss Optic on the clear stock and accompanied by an autograph. Inserts and parallels make their way over as well. Clearly Rated Rookie autographs will be among the draws.

Clearly Donruss will have four packs with five cards per pack and 12 boxes per case.  Among the 20 cards in each box will be three parallels and at least one insert. 

$150-$175 is the going rate right now.’


2020-21 Panini Select Basketball

Select hobby boxes offer 12 packs with five cards per pack. Most boxes will have three autographs or memorabilia cards along with 12 Prizms.  The three-tiered base set returns with Concourse, Premier and Courtside, with the latter falling just two to a box.

Rookie Jersey autos and their parallel versions will be among the big hits in boxes that are currently sitting at $900 and up.

Also set for release:

2021 Panini Chronicles Racing (7/16); Leaf Flash Football (7/16); 2020-21 Upper Deck AHL Hockey (7/21); SAGE Aspire Football (7/23); Topps Baseball Factory Sets (7/28); 2021 Topps Bundesliga Finest Soccer (7/28); 2021 Topps Stadium Club UEFA Chrome (7/28).

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