Topps NHL Stickers Set to Return in 2021-22

Upper Deck may have the NHL’s exclusive trading card license, but Topps will once again be in the game on at least one level next season.  Their 2021-22 NHL stickers will return during the holidays, with an extensive collection in the works.

2021-22 Topps NHL Stickers Info and Base Set

Like most sticker products, they’ll come 50 packs to a box with four stickers per pack including one foil. Each case will hold 16 boxes and Topps will also produce an 80-page album to hold them if you’re so inclined.

While Upper Deck Series 1 and 2 are the flagship set for NHL cardboard, the Topps set will have 372 base stickers plus 31 highlights from the ’20-21 NHL season.  There will be a total of 670 stickers to collect in all.

Foil Stickers

The foil stickers will include a set that should warm the hearts of vintage hockey card collectors–a design based on the inaugural Topps hockey card set of 1954.

Other foil stickers focus on players and mascots, team logos, ’20-21 award winners and the Stanley Cup.


Topps promises multiple insert stickers that will be a little harder to find than the base set. They’ll include sets focused on the 2021 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs and Finals including a set that when pieced together will complete a picture puzzle of the ’21 Stanley Cup Champions.

Other inserts include Ice Tags, which highlight what Topps calls “the most eccentric and fun nicknames from around the league.” 

Bubble Hockey will focus on some of the top players from the NHL’s bubble environment during COVID.  Reverse Retro focuses on jerseys while Net Savings stickers are all about the league’s top goalies.


The album will open with five pages dedicated to recapping the 2020-21 season.  Beyond that, each of the 31 teams will have two pages and there will be specially themed pages for the insert content.

The albums will include ten free stickers including four base set photo variations that will only be found in the album package.

The release date for 2020-21 Topps NHL Stickers is December 29.

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