Topps Triple Threads Follows Familiar Pattern With 2021 Brand

Continuing the same format as it has for years, Topps Triple Threads offers a plentiful selection of autographs, relics, combo cards and book cards. Current stars and the legends of the game will be represented, with many 1/1 cards to be found.

2021 Configuration and Base Set

2021 Topps Triple Threads has a release date of Sept. 22, with the usual breakdown of two mini boxes inside a master box. Each mini box will have one pack containing seven cards.

The pack will have three base cards, two parallels and two hits. There are two versions collectors might find in each pack. Version 1 has one Triple Relic card and one Triple Auto Jumbo card and one autographed relic card. Version 2 contains one Autographed Triple Relic card and one Triple Threads Jumbo Relic.

Topps is promising that each master box will include one Autographed Triple Relic card numbered to 99 or less. The Triple Relic card will be numbered to 36 or less, while an Autograph Rookie or Autograph Jumbo Relic will be numbered to 99 or less. Jumbo Relic cards will be numbered to 48 or less.

Case hits will include a 1/1 Autograph Relic card and an Autograph Relic Combo card featuring three or more subjects.

The base set will consist of 100 players, and 11 different numbered parallels for each card. That is an increase from 2020’s nine parallel offerings.

This year’s set includes Amethyst parallels, numbered to 99, along with Emerald (259), Amber (199), Aquamarine (150, a new parallel), Tourmaline (125, another new parallel), Gold (99), Citrine (75), Onyx (50), Sapphire (25), and Ruby (1/1). Printing plates are also 1/1 cards.

Relic cards

A new memorabilia card is going to be difficult to find: Buttoned Up Relics. These are 1/1 cards with three button swatches and a jumbo piece of memorabilia.

Triple Thread Relics will be easier to find — sort of. They will be numbered to 36 and feature are noted for spelling out fun facts or statistics for each player, with the relic underneath the die-cuts. Parallels are available Amethyst (27), Emerald (18), Gold (9), Sapphire (3) and Ruby (1/1). Relic Legend cards will feature the game’s greats, with the same parallel breakdown as Triple Thread relics.

Relic Combo cards, with the same numbering as Triple Thread Relics and Relic Legend cards, highlight three players.

Manufacturer Logo Relics are 1/1 cards that have a logo piece and two pieces of memorabilia.

Single Jumbo Relics are exactly what you might find on a card — a very large piece of memorabilia. The base cards are numbered to 48, with parallels in Amethyst (36), Emerald (27), Amber (18, debuting this year), Gold (9), Sapphire (3) and Ruby (1/1). The format is similar for Autograph Single Jumbo Relics, only these cards contain signatures. The base set is numbered to 99, with parallels in Amethyst (75), Emerald (50), Gold (25), Sapphire (10) and Ruby (1/1).

Autograph and Relic cards

With a nod to the company’s 70th anniversary, a new set — 70 Years of Topps Three-Player Triple Autograph Relic cards — will put the spotlight on three players who share a common bond throughout the history of baseball.

The base set will be numbered to 9, with parallels in Sapphire (3) and Ruby (1/1).

The combination of signatures and memorabilia continue with Rookie & Future Phenoms Autograph Relic cards. The base set will be numbered to 99, with parallels in Amethyst (75), Emerald (50), Gold (50, new this year), Onyx (25), Sapphire (10) and 1/1 versions in Wood, Ruby and in Printing Plates.

Triple Threads Autograph Relic cards, numbered to 27, are noted for spelling out fun facts or statistics for each player, with the relic beneath the letters. Parallels will include the debut of Amber, numbered to 18, along with Gold (9), Sapphire (3) and Ruby (1/1). Printing Plates will also be 1/1 cards.

Another traditional favorite among collectors is the Autograph Relic Combo subset, whose cards are numbered to 36. These cards contain signatures and pieces of gear from three different players. Parallels can be found in Amethyst, numbered to 27, Emerald (18), Gold (9), Sapphire (3), Ruby (1/1) and Wood (1/1) along with 1/1 Printing Plates.

First-year players are well-represented in this year’s product and shine in the Rookie Autographs subset. The base cards are sequentially numbered and will unveil a new parallel in Amethyst, numbered to 75. Other parallels can be found in Emerald (50), Gold (25) Sapphire (10), Ruby (1/1) and Printing Plates (1/1).

Scarce autograph cards can be found in 1/1 Cut Above Cut Signatures, which will feature a traditional cut autograph and a piece of memorabilia. Dual Cut Above cards, as the name implies, with have two signatures and two pieces of memorabilia in book card form. These cards also will be 1/1s.

Book Cards

The Dual Cut Above cards are just a taste of the book cards Topps will be offering this year in Triple Threads.

Windows Into Greatness Autograph Relics showcases a three-panel book card, with the base card numbered to 5. A Gold parallel is numbered to 3, while Ruby is a 1/1 parallel.


Jumbo Plus Autograph Relics are an even scarcer book card. These cards contain two “regular” patch pieces and a jumbo patch piece and an autograph. Base cards are numbered to 3, and a Ruby parallel is a 1/1 offering. Letter Plus Autograph Relics are also numbered to 3 and feature a nameplate letter instead of a jumbo patch. This subset also has a 1/1 Ruby parallel.


Deca Relic Combo book cards are numbered to 10, with Gold parallels numbered to 5. There is also a 1/1 Ruby parallel. Autograph Deca Relic book cards features one player wit 10 relic pieces. The base cards are numbered to 10, with parallels in Gold (5) and Ruby (1/1). The book card gets crowded with Deca Autograph Relic Combo cards, which feature 10 different players and swatches of memorabilia for each. Base cards are also numbered to 10, with Gold parallels (5) and Ruby parallels (1/1) rounding out the subset.


Two other 1/1 book cards are Bat Nameplate cards and Bat Knob cards.

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