What’s a Box Break? Understanding the 5 Types of Breaks

What’s a Box Break?

If you savor the thrill of opening a box of collectors’ cards to see what’s inside, you’re going to love box breaks. They’re a fantastic way to increase your chances of getting rare or valuable cards without buying an entire case of cards. Plus, they’re a lot of fun! 

Here’s what you need to know about how box breaks work so you can join one.

Understanding Box Breaks

Sometimes called group breaks, box breaks are live-streamed events. (Here at Green Farms Card Exchange, we hold break events weekly.) 

Collectors individually buy a spot in the box break. This guarantees that you’ll receive a portion of the cards that are in the pack. All of our participants get an even split of the box for the same buy-in. 

The real fun of the box break begins when we open the box. That’s when you get to see what you’ve bought.

Types of Box Breaks

You can do a group break for every sport. Find baseball group breaks, basketball group breaks, football group breaks, and more. 

There are a few different ways that breaks can be split. Review the break rules before you buy in to make sure you know what you’re getting into. 

Pick a pack

Before the break starts, each collector chooses a pack number that to open during the break. They receive all of the cards in that pack. 

Pick your team (PYT)

Before the break, each collector “buys” a team, then receives every card from that team that gets pulled from the pack. It could be a lot, or it could be a few. Not knowing is part of the fun!

Division break

This type of break is a little broader than the PYT break. Instead of choosing a team, collectors choose an entire division for a sport. For example, in a football group break, you would buy one of the four NFL divisions. Then, you would receive all of the cards in the box from every team in that division. 

Draft style

A draft-style break works like a pro-style draft. A randomizer chooses a draft order. After all the cards get pulled, the collector who has the first draft pick chooses their card. Then the second collector chooses, and so on until all the cards from the case have been claimed.

Personal break

Want the excitement of the box break without sharing? Try our personal break. During this event, we’ll open your box live with you via streaming video, then ship it. If you get really lucky, we might make you an offer to buy it back! 

Join a Break 

Group breaks are fun events that give you the opportunity to collect valuable cards without buying a whole case. Join a group to get the social aspect of a break or try a personal break. 

While you wait for our next break to start, check out all of our rare sports cards for sale. Let us know if you have any questions or need any concierge services.

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